Which handbag to choose according to your style?

Which handbag to choose according to your style?

10/05/2022 0 By Admin

Fashion involves a good match between different components of clothing style. That’s why you need to know, for example, which bag to choose according to your clothing style. This article helps you make a choice.

The minaudiere?

This accessory which has known its moments of glory since its appearance in 1930 does not cease to be reinvented each year. It is often used by women at parties and allows them to be more relaxed. A minaudiere is the perfect hiding place to keep a cell phone, keys, lipstick, blush cup, cigarette lighter, watch, handbag or powder case. Women have immediately adopted it because it allows to carry so many things without getting cluttered. The site minaudieres.fr offers a variety of them. It is about the size of a small book and fits easily in one hand. The minaudiere is usually flat and oblong. Its texture is usually rough and always rigid. This is due to the materials used in its design: platinum and gold with precious stones. When finished, these materials are perfectly adorned with lacquer or mother of pearl.

A shoulder bag

This bag is more of a vacation style. Generally speaking, it has several pockets and can carry a lot of things: from essentials to accessories. It is the best ally if you want to roam quietly during your vacation. Experts advise to wear it sideways. This allows you to distribute the weight evenly and to be comfortable. If you want to go to the beach for example, you should choose a tote bag or a beach bag. For other days, a bohemian style or a flash bag is enough to perfect your summer outfits.

A bag to wear on the shoulder or on the back

This time, we are in Working Girl mode. Of course, to go to work, you need a chic bag that is still discreet. For colors, choose a black or cinnamon colored bag. However, navy blue or burgundy promotes elegance and productivity. Remember, the key is to have a bag big enough to hold all your useful gadgets for the office while remaining sober. The choice of the handbag remains essential to respect its style and especially to meet the needs of each occasion. So pay close attention to this detail as well, as it is truly important.

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