The Impact of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle on Relationships

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Exploring the Effect of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle on Relationships

For many, the idea of the digital nomad lifestyle—the ability to work remotely while being able to travel in different countries around the world— has a strong appeal. For those who choose to take this path, it means that they can easily earn an income while also having the freedom to explore. However, it can also have a significant impact on relationships.

The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those in the millennial generation. For many, the idea of being able to construct a lifestyle which blends adventure and exploration is something that is not easily passed up. However, while the adventure of the lifestyle might seem appealing, the real-world impact that it has on relationships can often be overlooked.

The Change of Location Can Create Loneliness

First and foremost, the change of location for the digital nomad lifestyle can often lead to loneliness, as the nomad leaves their hometown and the familiar faces that accompany it. This can be painful for the nomad, as adjusting to new environments can be difficult. They may often find themselves feeling empty and isolated from those that have become their companions.

The nomad may also lack an understanding of the local culture in their new cities, which leads to difficulty in forming meaningful relationships with locals. Given that bonds that take time to form and nurture, the digital nomad often lacks the ability to find a deep and meaningful connection with those in their new environment.

Distance Can Lead to Strained Personal Relationships

The change of location in the digital nomad lifestyle also creates enough distance to form a barrier between relationships. Being thousands of miles away from loved ones can have a dramatic impact. This can include lost opportunities to spend quality time with family members, reduced connection with friends, and a decline in the regular communication that is necessary for strong relationships.

On a romantic relationship level, the effect of the digital nomad lifestyle can be even more pronounced. The nomad is the only one who is likely to be moving around, and this can often lead to feelings of confusion, doubt, and mistrust in the relationship. It is difficult to know how much to tell one’s partner or how frequently they should be communicating while they are apart.

Combined, these issues create emotional turbulence, which is accompanied by guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety. Without strong emotional foundations, the relationship can be greatly strained.

Challenges Can be Overcome With Proactive Strategies

Fortunately, it is not impossible for the digital nomad to maintain strong personal relationships. It requires proactive steps and effort to maintain contact and take the time to cultivate meaningful relationships.

Here are some strategies for staying connected with family and friends:

  • Set regular video calls with beloved family members. Video calling services such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts make it easy to maintain face-to-face contact with loved ones.
  • Engage in shared hobbies. Finding activities that you can do together with loved ones, regardless of location, is a great way to stay emotionally connected.
  • Be proactive in sending photo updates. Sending photos and updates on the go lets your loved ones in on your travel experiences and can often lead to meaningful conversations.
  • Schedule genuine catch-up calls. Find the time to really speak to one another and catch up on life as if they were right in your presence.

For continuing romantic relationships, fostering trust and commitment is important. Providing reassurance to one another, even when separated by distance, helps to maintain the bond. Developing an understanding of each other’s needs, expectations, and communication patterns ensures there are no surprises and lets both parties know when and how much communication is necessary for both sides to remain comfortable.


The digital nomad lifestyle has many advantages, but it also has the potential to strain relationships. To navigate the psychological turmoil and loneliness, nomads need to create strategies and techniques to maintain contact with the people they care about.

The techniques outlined in this article represent some of the most effective ways for digital nomads to remain in contact with family and friends and to save romantic relationships from strain. Taking the time to create and nurture meaningful relationships is a cornerstone to making the digital nomad lifestyle work for everyone.

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