Steampunk decoration in the house

Steampunk decoration in the house

23/04/2022 0 By Admin

Honey, are we doing steampunk decor at home? Doing what? I can almost see the questioning in your face wondering, but what exactly is that?

The steampunk movement is an uchrony referring to the massive use of machines during the industrial and Victorian era. In other words, ask yourself what the world would be like today if the industrial era had continued. Coal, steam and metal are just some of the key elements of the steampunk theme.

In steampunk decorating, metal is at the forefront. Incorporate copper, galvanized iron and gear mechanisms into your elements. Add to this dark colors, a Chesterfield sofa and the trick is done.

The steampunk bathroom

In the plumbing of some bathrooms today, copper is still used. Copper or not, the pipes are usually hidden. Why not bring them out into the open? In the image above, you can see the industrial chic of copper pipes. The faucets and fittings in the same color complete the look.

The retro Edison-style light bulbs add another industrial element to the design and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. With their carbon filaments and amber glass, these bulbs will provide you with warm lighting.

The steampunk living room

The Chesterfield upholstered leather couch is an essential when it comes to steampunk. Originating in the mid-18th century in the United Kingdom’s Chesterfield County, this piece was once reserved for the wealthy and is now available to everyone. You absolutely need this must-have to add the chic touch to your living room.

The steampunk kitchen

There’s no denying it, we literally “pimped” this kitchen. The addition of the handles and brass inlays on the hood and stove door really gives a “wow” effect. The addition of the hooks to hang the stoves is also a great idea. This kitchen can be seen in both steampunk and modern styles.

The steampunk room

Metal is in the spotlight in this beautiful room. The bed is a piece of art in itself. Notice at the bottom of the bed, the addition of wheels with gears that are a popular symbol of steampunk decor,

Other steampunk accessories

All the elements are there on the lamp above, the Edison bulb, the metal bulb guard and the galvanized iron pipes. This lamp is ideal for a bedside table or a corner table.

We say yes to shelves with galvanized iron supports. Make it at home? The different lengths of galvanized iron pipes are available at any hardware store near you.

Steampunk art pushes the imagination to the limit. What would the world be like if humans lived alongside robots? Sculptures made from recycled metal are also part of steampunk. On a coffee table or a bedside table, this little dog with a robot look will have its place.


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