Original ideas for your headboard

Original ideas for your headboard

14/05/2022 0 By Admin

Have you ever walked into a room and thought, “What the hell is wrong with this place?”

And, while not putting my hand directly on it, I do wonder a lot. Often, what’s missing is a trim above the bed. No matter what you put behind the bed, it takes something to dress up the wall. So here are a few ideas to create a headboard worthy of the name:

Putting up a curtain

Whether the wall of the bed has windows or not, putting a curtain behind the bed always looks great. You can either imitate a window by simply putting it across the width of the bed or you can make it go from one side of the wall to the other for a more intense effect. Opt for a curtain in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room.

A frame, a bulletin board or a mirror

A frame is often the easy way out. You place a frame above the bed and the wall is dressed. I like to opt for a little extra punch by replacing it with a mirror, which gives light and enlarges the room, or with a bulletin board where you can put multiple photos of the family, landscapes or objects you love.

A wall of wallpaper or an accent wall

I also like to dress up the wall of the bed with a wallpaper. It’s a lot of work to put up wallpaper, so you have to choose it carefully. However, if it’s chosen to complement the decor, it can enhance the room at once.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to go with wallpaper, a contrasting paint can be enough to enhance the decor.

A bookcase or shelves

I love this option first for its utility. There’s always a lack of storage around the bed, there’s no denying that. Then, as long as you have beautiful books, why not put them behind the bed. A great way to combine business with pleasure.

And if all these ideas have not inspired you, there is, of course, always the option of buying a commercial headboard.

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