Minimalism in Outdoor Spaces

Minimalism in Outdoor Spaces

26/01/2023 0 By Admin

How Minimalism Brings Nature Closer: Outfitting Your Outdoor Space

Minimalism is an increasingly popular way of life. While it began as a way of embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, its simple yet elegant way of living has gradually become more fashionable. And it shouldn’t surprise you that minimalism is also a growing trend in home decor, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces.

Creating an outdoor space that embraces the core principles of minimalism can be a tricky endeavor. How can you keep it simple without compromising the functionality of your backyard or patio? In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics of minimalism to give you an idea of what to include in your ultimate minimalist outdoor space.

What is Minimalism?

At its core, minimalism is about paring down in order to create a cleaner, simpler and less cluttered space. Often, minimalism focuses on creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere by getting rid of anything unnecessary. It’s about creating an environment that evokes harmony and balance.

When styled correctly, minimalist interiors can feel very cozy and inviting while being organized and clutter-free. This same philosophy applies to outdoor spaces, where the goal is to create a place that is serene and clutter-free. We can achieve this through the right choice of outdoor furniture, plants, decorations and more.

How to Create an Outdoor Space That Embodies Minimalism

To start, you should figure out what your ultimate backyard style is. Do you want a modern-looking outdoor space, a cottage-style one, or a bohemian-inspired patio?

Once you’ve determined the main style of your outdoor space, you’ll want to make sure that you keep the overall design minimal. You can easily make your outdoor feel cluttered if you have too many different-style decorations, furniture, and accessories, for example.

Furniture for a Minimalist Outdoor Space

When it comes to furniture for your minimalist outdoor space, keep things simple. Choose versatile items with clean lines, such as modern high-back lounge chairs and simple wooden benches. Avoid items that are overly ornate or have too much intricate detail.

You’ll want to make sure you choose pieces that are durable and can withstand wear and tear. Consider pieces made from teak or wicker, which will weather the elements and offer comfortable seating for your guests.

Choosing the Right Decorations and Accessories

When it comes to decorations and accessories, the cardinal rule is less is more. Avoid overcrowding the space and cluttering it with too many accessories. Stick to items that you can use to define and highlight the existing style of your minimalist outdoor space.

For example, consider adding texture through natural elements like stones, driftwood, and feathers. Alternatively, use one or two statement pieces like a colorful mural or a large, elegant planter to make a statement in the space.

Extend Your Minimalism Indoors

Once you’ve created the perfect minimalist outdoor space, extend your style indoors. There’s no reason not to carry the minimalistic theme throughout your home.

Make sure that the indoor furniture complements the outdoor furniture. Keep the color scheme mostly neutral and use subtle pops of color with cushions, blankets, and other accents. Do the same for your interior décor, opting for clean lines and muted colors that will create a beautiful balance with your outdoor space.


Creating a minimalist outdoor space is all about finding the perfect balance between simplicity and comfort. Choose the right furniture, decorations, and accessories to define the essence of your outdoor space. Keep the colors and design elements as neutral as possible to ensure a clutter-free and serene atmosphere. Finally, extend your minimalism to the indoors, making sure that the decor of your home complements what is already outside.

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