DIY: make your own eco-friendly cat tree

DIY: make your own eco-friendly cat tree

11/05/2022 0 By Admin

The other day, I was simply shopping for food for my favorite feline. I was browsing the rows in the pet store and came across the cat tree section. Ruby (my cat) will be happy, I thought, what a great idea! Besides, she’ll be able to forget about my couch and concentrate on her claws on her new toy. However, that was before I saw the price of the famous toy. I’ll tell you first that I decided to make my own cat tree!

First, I did some research on the internet. With a few tools, some leftover materials and the site, I will soon start my work.

Where do we start?

On the site, they give us the details of the different steps to design our work. From the way to start the work to the decoration and the layout, the site is really complete. The advantage of making your own cat tree is that you can use different materials. We can embellish it to our taste. In addition, we can recover.

The materials

Wood is practical because it is strong and solid. We can use scrap wood from pallets, as well as wooden crates. In addition, wood can perfectly match our current home decoration. It’s a 2 for 1 right? Then, we can use the leftover carpets and we can complete with decorative cushions that we do not use anymore. All of course for the seats of our cat’s little butt. Inside the cushion, you can even think of inserting some “catnip”. He will go crazy.

Then, you can complete by winding rope, one of the wooden pillars. On the rope, your cat will be able to sharpen its claws as it wants. Think of adding a small toy with a rubber band; hours of fun in perspective for your feline.

In the end, you will save money, have fun, decorate your home and help the planet by recovering materials.

It’s not too complicated, so for new DIYers, it’s a great way to start working with your hands.

The benefits are there. However, the most important thing about this process is that you will make your feline friend happy and he will be forever grateful!


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