Creating an Industrial Chic Living Room

Creating an Industrial Chic Living Room

26/01/2023 0 By Admin

How to Create an Industrial Chic Living Room

The modern ‘industrial chic’ style is all about combining traditional industrial elements with a more modern, fashionable edge. It’s a style that works especially well in living rooms, to create a cozy yet stylish vibe. If you’re looking to revamp your living room, industrial chic is the perfect look for urbanlofts, lofts, and industrial-style homes. Read on for our top tips on creating the perfect industrial chic living room.

1. Start with a Clean Palette

Create an empty, bare palette before you start adding pieces. this means removing all excess furniture and unnecessary objects so you can really get a feel for the space. Strip it down to the main basics such as the couch, coffee table, and light source and start from there.

2. Utilize Industrial Furniture

To get that true industrial chic look, try to select pieces that have an industrial edge. This could be anything from factory-style concrete pieces to copper and steel furniture. A great idea is to use bar stools and steel stools as extra seating and occasional tables- perfect for industrial chic homes.

3. Add Warm Textiles

Add warmth and texture to the space with different textiles, such as wool blankets, linen-look pillows and textured rugs. Select a few different textures and colors to brighten up the room, as this kind of look can be quite stark if not balanced with a warm element.

4. Don’t Forget Lighting

Lighting is a key element to any living room, and especially so for industrial chic spaces. Choose ceiling lights or wall-mounted lamps with a vintage industrial vibe, such as cage pendant lights. Don’t forget to add floor lighting, such as bedside lamps or a lamp for a side table for extra warmth.

5. It’s All in the Details

To really solidify the look, you can add some small details to the space. Hang a selection of industrial-style prints on the walls, opt for quirky items such as leather suitcases, vintage style clocks, and mix up natural materials with more of an industrial feel.

Creating an industrial chic living room could be easier than you thought- it’s all about nailing the right tried-and-tested style elements, and adding a few of your own quirks and personality. Mix up some industrial elements with warm textiles, add some quirky accessories, and you’ll have a space that’s stylish and unique. With these tips, you’ll have a successful industrial chic living room in no time.

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