Cocooning: 10 essentials in times of lockdown

Cocooning: 10 essentials in times of lockdown

02/11/2021 0 By Admin

That’s it, the gray of November has set in. North of the 45th parallel, it’s time to prepare for the long confinement of winter… although in 2020, the confinement sadly started earlier. (Sniff.) But enough of the blues! We take charge and make our home a kingdom of small pleasures. Does cocooning sound familiar?

Where does the term “cocooning” come from?

It was in 1981 that Faith Popcorn – marketing consultant and trend Nostradamus – coined the term “cocooning”. She launched the idea that, in the near future, people would prefer to stay at home, in their cocoon, rather than doing activities outside. They would only go out to stock up on essentials.

And she was partly right. Think of the home theaters, spa-like bathrooms, and chef’s kitchens that are increasingly found in our homes and that allow us to live, without putting our nose outside, experiences that were once lived in specialized places. That said, full-time, voluntary cocooning, as Miss Popcorn envisioned, has its limits… The last few months of the pandemic have shown us that we need to get out of our homes!

But because the grey weather of November and a virus force us to stay indoors, it’s better to make the best of it, as the expression goes, and adopt cocooning. The watchwords: atmosphere, comfort, aromas, calm, relaxation, warmth, softness, slowness… Something to satisfy all the senses.

1 – The cuddly throw

If I had to choose only one item to get through the long winter months, it would be this one, the throw. Like Linus’ character in Charlie Brown, I drag it with me all over the house: I wrap myself in it on the living room couch, I put it on my shoulders at the dinner table, I put it on the bed to keep me warm all night long. We choose a fabric that is softer than soft (long live plush!) and machine washable (because we drag the throw everywhere!).

2 – The pillow in the plural

Not one, not two, not three, not ten: you can never have too many cushions! Vary the sizes (small, medium or large) and shapes (round, square or rectangular), you will find their own use (for the head, the back, the arms, the legs, etc.). The choice is endless and it doesn’t cost much. Why deprive yourself?

3 – Soft pajamas.

It can also be a robe, of course, but I find pajamas more functional. The three criteria to respect: warmth, softness and fluffiness (long live the plush!). And don’t forget the wool socks…

4 – The aromatic candle.

Haaaaa… the smell of a good homemade bread. But it’s a bit long to make homemade bread. More simply, the aromatic candles from the Quebec company Soja&Co will scent your cocoon in no time. They are handmade in Montreal from 100% natural soy wax, and housed in pretty reusable amber glass jars. The only problem: choosing your fragrance among the dozens offered…

5 – The best coffee.

Bored with the good latte you used to have at the local cafĂ©? Do you settle for a filter coffee at home because you need your caffeine fix? Come on, you deserve better. Compact, design, easy to use, my Dedica Deluxe from De’Longhi has been delighting me for almost two years. It’s a little pricey, sure, but… wait for the specials!

6 – The pretty fire.

I found the most beautiful ethanol fireplace in the world: the Globe, from Vauni. What could be more wow than that? Small hitch: it costs more than 4000$. For those who want the ambiance of an ethanol fireplace at a more affordable price, check out Eco-Fire. Otherwise, you can find some very nice fireplaces on YouTube… for real!

7 – The milky bath.

Cocooning means relaxation. And what better way to relieve stress than with a hot bath? To double the happiness, add a bath milk. And to support a Quebec company, opt for Dot & Lil products, made with hydrating whole milk powder and oats.

8 – Music everywhere.

So you’re relaxing in the bath, but the sound of Frank Sinatra’s voice isn’t getting through? The solution: this mini speaker from Bone, which connects to your devices via Bluetooth. Available in different colors… and waterproof!

9 – The book that feels good.

If we are forced to stay at home, nothing prevents us from traveling in our heads. For me, the books of author Kim Thuy are an escape to unsuspected lands… Her words – her economy of words, in fact – have a way of stimulating my imagination. And it feels good. Item.

10 – Comfortable bedding… and pretty.

The day is over – or not – and it’s time to get under the covers. I don’t have any scientific data on the subject, but I’m convinced that sleeping on quality sheets improves sleep. And that beautiful, inviting bedding should always be the starting point when planning your bedroom decor. Plus, it’ll give you another (more positive, in 2022) reason to say: here I am in nice sheets!

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