5 ideas for an interior design in the Asian style

5 ideas for an interior design in the Asian style

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Today, Asian decorations are particularly popular. This is because they offer the possibility to stand out from the European style that has become a bit too common. This style of decoration generates a calm atmosphere and can be easily adapted to any room. And know that you can easily adopt an Asian decorating style, but you already need to know what your options are. With that in mind, here are 5 decorating ideas to infuse your home with an Asian style.

The Feng Shui atmosphere

Feng shui is a decorating style that originated in China. In addition to the fact that it is a beautiful interior design idea, it is based on a true philosophy of life. This philosophy is inspired by the famous natural balance governed by Ying and Yang. It is important to know that the Feng Shui style imposes rules to respect, as well as the play of colors and the orientation of each room.

In a living room, it is recommended to orient the decoration towards the southwest while in the case of a bedroom, the decoration must be directed towards the north. Also, it should be noted that the entrance to each room should be bright and tidy. In addition to this, the decor should include a mirror if possible. As for the living room, it must be both welcoming and intimate. Also, the sofa must be placed against the wall.

If you aim for a more original decoration, you should opt for Chinese wooden furniture. You can buy them in a specialized store. In addition, in the kitchen, it will be necessary to favor the storage and avoid the superfluous. Serenity must be favored in the bedrooms. The latter must in turn be tidy and uncluttered with closed cupboards. In the bathroom, it is advisable to bet on minimalism and to use natural materials such as wood or stone.

If you have a desk, think of decluttering it to improve concentration. Thanks to all these rules, Feng shui is not only a decoration idea. It is also a true source of well-being and prosperity through the circulation of good vital currents.

Japanese style and the art of sitting on the floor

The Japanese style is distinguished from others by its simplicity. Indeed, this style of decoration is characterized by furniture without legs, placed on the floor. A Japanese living room is therefore easy to recognize! You will find cushions to sit on and small tables without legs. Color is also a characteristic of the Japanese style. To adopt it, you will have to opt for natural colors like gray or beige.

In order to put the decoration in the right light, nothing better than paper lanterns often used in Japan. Moreover, you know that discipline is one of the Japanese virtues. And to realize the great sense of discipline of the Japanese, you can start with the maintenance of a bonsai tree. If you didn’t know it, you should know that whoever manages to take care of a bonsai tree better can face all the stages of its life. This explains why this tree is usually found in Japanese homes.

The Asian Buddha style

Overall, Asian styles are not limited to Chinese and Japanese cultures. You should know that the Indonesian style is also part of it with a focus on Buddhism. The style called Buddha is synonymous with enlightenment, serenity and wisdom. It has been a staple of home decor for a number of years now. To learn more, note that Buddha is found in many forms.

But you can simply opt for his statue form (the most traditional), to decorate the interior or exterior of the house. The laughing Buddha represents happiness. It is reputed to attract good fortune, especially when it is installed in front of the front door. In addition, it completes the Indonesian style.

The Japanese cherry tree

The cherry tree is a highly significant tree in Japan. It represents a good luck charm and symbolizes evolution. Moreover, its aesthetic aspect places it among the best decorative objects to have to perfect an Asian style. You can therefore install it at home in several forms, including as a :

  • decorative lighted tree ;
  • wall decoration picture;
  • decorative object placed on the living room table, etc.

For the earth lovers, a real Japanese cherry tree can also find its place in your garden.

Red and black

If in Japan, white and green are rather echoed, black and red are more characteristic of a Chinese decorative atmosphere. These colors are representative of the country and suggest hospitality and luck. This is the style for the most superstitious. Choose Chinese furniture painted in red and black to break the harmony of your room all white. If you like mixing colors, you can opt for an Indian style.

This style is probably the most colorful in Asia. It mixes red, green or gold as well as gray, khaki, white and black. Finally, let us specify that any Asian style of decoration requires the use of natural materials. It is therefore preferable to opt for furniture or decorative objects made of bamboo, wood, stone or rice paper. These materials provide a soothing and cocooning feeling.

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