Tips For Planning Your Summer Wedding, Alabama Wedding Photographers

We have been booking a lot of 2017 summer weddings this past month. We came across this article in Bride Magazine that might be helpful planning your summer wedding.

#1 You’ll need to be prepared for every weather eventuality

Sunshine and showers will mean you need to have a just-in-case plan for every meteorological possibility. Think sunscreen, umbrellas, blankets, fans… Also, if your celebration is reliant on an outdoor venue, make sure you talk to the venue management and clarify what the plan is if your day turns into a wash-out. 

#2 You’ll also need a plan for your cake

Take one cream-filled cake, add a humid reception room and what do you get? A mess! Make sure napkins and plates are available for guests – and enlist the expert opinion of your cake-maker before committing to a certain type of cake. Similarly, if you’ll be cutting the cake outdoors, keep it in a cool indoor space for as long as possible before having it brought outside.

#3 Talking of cake: watch out for your make-up

 Scorching temperatures, pouring rain and endless humidity do not add up to flawless make-up! If you’re hiring a professional MUA, talk her through any concerns you have (whether it be rain-streaked eye make-up or melting foundation) and he/she should be able to advise.

 If you’re applying your own make-up, think little and often: avoid caking on make-up in the belief it will last for longer, and instead go for minimal with regular touch-ups to keep yourself looking gorgeous all day long. 

#4 Your guests will love you forever if you provide accessories to help keep them cool

We’re talking cheap sunglasses, flip-flops (feet will swell up in the heat, after all), sunscreen stations… Turn your Orders of Service into fans by pasting a lolly stick in between pages, serve up ice-pops in between the ceremony and the reception, and make sure that there’s lots of icy soft drinks on-hand so guests don’t inadvertently over-indulge on booze in a bid to keep hydrated. 

 #5 Your wedding photos might look a little, er, squinty

 Invest in parasols for yourself and your bridesmaids, plus ask your photographer to scout out some shady spots where you can have the bulk of your pictures taken – especially if you have your heart set on lots of lovely outdoors pics.