Thinking Of Hiring a Friend To Photograph Your Wedding?

You’ve heard it before but believe it; once the party is over, the band has packed the van, the flowers are in serious wilt and your mind is a warm humming buzz, before you hit the pillow you will say, “I can’t wait to see the pictures”. You will say this. You will repeat this mantra for days. You might be a little nervous because you left the wedding photos in the hands of family and friends. But, you should be covered, you think, after all there were disposable cameras on all the tables, and cousin Jill has an SLR digital camera and has taken some beautiful vacation pictures. Plus your bridesmaid said her new boyfriend takes really good pictures and is offering his services for free so he can get some portfolio material! What a deal! What a savings! What a disaster. The thing with weddings is that there are no do-overs. Very likely, it will be the only time that a couple will hire event professionals in their lifetime. If you truly want things to go smoothly and have a wonderful memorable event, you need to hire proven professionals. Would you leave the cake to your bridesmaids boyfriend because he is eager and willing and has the ingredients? Nope. But surprisingly, many brides are willing to take a chance with their photography. The number one regret of brides is that they wished they hired a better photographer.