Planning Your Wedding, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers


What I wish I’d known about the planning…

#1 “Set up a wedding only email address”

When you start planning, you’ll also find yourself signing up to mailing lists and emailing vendors left, right and centre. But after the big day, you don’t want to keep receiving news and products which aren’t relevant to you any more.

“Definitely set up a wedding-only email address so you can keep wedding related matters together and separate from your normal life,” suggests bride Jennifer. “It also stops your inbox from being bombarded with marketing emails long after the wedding.”

#2 “Don’t budget on the photographer or videographer” 

Budget is important, especially in the early planning stages – but before ruling anything out as too expensive, prioritize the aspects of your day. What’s most important to you? The dress? The photos? The venue?

After the day, the lasting memories will be in photographic form: “We’re so thankful we booked an amazing photographer,” says bride Hayley.

“Figure out your top priorities for the day and manage your budget around that,” agrees bride Nicole. “For my fiancé and I, our biggest expense was having a live band at the reception. But it was important to us to create a party atmosphere and it was completely worth it, nobody sat down all night!”

#3 “Stop looking for new stuff”

When you got engaged to your husband, you stopped looking at other men as potential partners (well, we’d hope so…) and the same rule should be applied to wedding planning. There’s so much choice out there, so when you’ve found something you love, commit to it! Blogs, magazines and Pinterest can be addictive, but you have to have a cut off point or it will all become WAY.TOO.MUCH.

“Once you’ve decided on a theme and picked all your bits, stop looking through blogs and magazines for inspiration,” agrees bride Hannah. “I nearly ended up with a wedding crammed with 12 different themes!”