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Kayla and Jordan, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Loved working with Kayla and Jordan at Pleasant Hill United Methodist! Kayla’s dress was gorgeous! Wedding party and families were really great to work with. Reception was held at Avon Theater. Feel The Beat kept the party going! Everyone had lots of fun!



Samford Bridal, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photography

Really enjoyed photographing Kendall’s bridal shoot at Samford! Perfect Spring day. Her dress was gorgeous! Kendall and Jeremy were married at Birmingham United Methodist with reception following at B&A Warehouse.JohnsonK_0001JohnsonK_0002JohnsonK_0003JohnsonK_0004JohnsonK_0005JohnsonK_0006JohnsonK_0007JohnsonK_0008JohnsonK_0009JohnsonK_0010JohnsonK_0011JohnsonK_0012JohnsonK_0013

Social Media and Your Wedding, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Whether you’re the bride, the groom or a guest, here are the five golden rules of using social media on the big day…

1. Newlyweds – do give your guests a hashtag to use on Twitter and Instagram
Something simple and easy for guests to remember after a glass or two of fizz; for example, #EmilyAndMark2014. This will make it easy-peasy to collate any pictures taken on your wedding day – and will also lend the occasion a pleasing sense of impressive gravitas. Alternatively, if you don’t want your guests to share photos until after the big day, make it clear: ask your officiant to tell your guests to put their gosh-darned phones away before the ceremony begins. 

 2. Guests – do not assume you can take photos during the ceremony
The bride and groom probably won’t want to be distracted by a dozen flashing iPhones as they exchange their vows, so check to see if there’s a note in the programme saying so. Oh, and while we’re here: whatever you do, guests, make sure your cell phone is on silent!

 3. Newlyweds – do ask your guests to not share photos until after the big day
You’re totally within your right to want to be the first one to upload a photograph of you and your groom on the big day. Make it clear if you don’t want your guests to upload any images on the day itself and ask one of your bridesmaids to keep vigilant in case you get tagged in any unflattering photos.

 4. Newlyweds – do change your Facebook settings
Crank your privacy settings up a notch so you can control which tagged photos do and don’t make it on to your profile. However, maybe hold off from logging on just to change your relationship status on the big day itself – you don’t want to disrupt the B.D.E. (Best Day Ever, duh) trying to find mobile signal so you can change from ‘engaged’ to ‘married’.

 5. Newlyweds – don’t ask your guests to hand in their mobile phones
You’re not a Hollywood star, and chances are you haven’t signed a six-figure deal with a magazine for coverage exclusivity. After all, this is your wedding day – not an exam!



Oak Island Wedding, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Sara and Clint’s wedding at Oak Island was amazing!  It was the perfect day. Not too hot, not too cold! Flowers and decorations were gorgeous. Sara and Clint were a delight to work with. They made it all very easy!

This is a review we received from Sara. We are so lucky to work with such wonderful people!

Sara said…
This duo was a life saving find for me! I wanted my pictures to look modern, but still capture the day in a classically beautiful way. They did just that. I have flawless portraits of everyone in my family on the best day of my life, as well as more candid photos than I can count. They captured the pure joy of every moment. They were there as my husband and I got ready, and didn’t leave until the venue kicked us out! I still look at those pictures regularly, and STILL smile the entire time I look through them. There isn’t a single shot I would change or wish they had taken, but didn’t. They listened to all of my ideas, and also threw in their expertise in ways I couldn’t have thought to ask for. They were helpful in making the timeline of when to take what pictures so that my family knew when to be where, and were an incredible guide to a smooth wedding day. They also gave me a cd of all my photos, which made printing them a piece of cake. They even upload them onto a website so that family members can print their favorite shots from your day just as easily. Your wedding day is the day that begins the rest of your life. Trusting someone blindly to capture it all is a little overwhelming. If you choose these two, then you can rest assured that they will not leave a photo untaken.