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Bridal Tips For The Picture Perfect Face

Here are a few tips you can use for your wedding day make up. 1. Blend, Blend, Blend. You can use your everyday makeup, but use more than you would normally use every day. Many makeup professionals use airbrush makeup, the method of choice for high def TV. Its light weight, waterproof, and gives flawless coverage. 2. Sometime Less Is More. Use less makeup for a day wedding and more for evenings. You can get dramatic with eye makeup. 3. Don’t Skimp On Concealer. Use a moisturized concealer on the thin, sensitive skin under the eyes. For blemishes, first treat them with a natural or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, then cover with concealer. 4. Do A Makeup Trial Run. It’s the only sure fire, stress free way to make certain your makup will look beautiful. 5. Not All Mineral Makeup Is Created Equal. Titanium dioxide, a chemical used in sunblock, can reflect flash, giving the bride a ghostly appearance. Makeup artist Annie May has a line of mineral makup especially formulated for photography called Advanced Mineral Makeup. It will not white-out the bride under a flash. 6. Use Waterproof Makeup With Staying Power. You don’t want to spend your reception in the bathroom reapplying your makeup. Foundation, eyeliner, and mascara all should be waterproof. 7. Keep Your Lips Moisturized And Colored. Dry lips look dreadful in photos. Have someone carry your lipstick for you and touch up often. Matte and gloss lipstick both photograph well, and be sure to use blended lip liner for enhanced definition. 8. Don’t Sprinkle On Glitter. In Photographs it tends to look like little white spots, as if there is something wrong with the camera. 9. Remember to apply foundation and powder to your neck, shoulders, and decolletage – you want your head to look like it belongs to your body!