Five things it’s easy to forget on your wedding morning, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

#1 To savor the build-up

Chances are you’ll be a ball of nerves on the morning of your wedding day: anticipation, excitement and a generous dollop of trepidation will make your stomach feel as if it’s full of bridal butterflies. However, try to own your feelings: transfer the nerves into excitement

#2 To talk to your parents…

…Before they get swept away into the crowd of guests. Spend a few minutes with them before the ceremony: chat, hug, hold hands. Your wedding will be an emotional day for your parents, and you’ll never forget those special pre-big-day moments.

#3 To practice walking in your heels, one more time

It’s as simple as this: don’t force yourself to wear shoes you’re not happy wearing. If you wouldn’t usually wear six-inch stilettos IRL, they might not be the best choice of footwear for your wedding day. Try them on again and if they’re anything other than 100% comfortable, trade them for a pair of shoes you know you can walk in. Also, make sure you’ve got a spare pair of heels/pumps to hand, just in case you want to change during the day.

#4 To have a snack

(Bride + champagne) x no food = a recipe for disaster. Even if nerves are stopping you from indulging too much, force yourself to nibble on a small snack. Staggering up the aisle in a bubbly-induced haze and tripping over in the shoes you may – or may not – be able to successfully walk in will make your wedding day memorable for all the wrong reasons.

#5 To send your groom a text

Or an email. Or a note via one of your bridesmaids. If you’re playing it traditional, you won’t have spent the previous night with him – so send him a quick message to tell him how much you love him and how much you’re looking forward to the day ahead. Liberal use of the heart-eyed Emoji encouraged.