Album or Disk??

It depends. It comes down to whether or not you want to have high quality archival photographs to show your kids and grand kids. The trend in the past few
years is for brides and grooms to have their wedding photographed then just receive all their images on disk.. The problem with a disk is storing it for the
long term. A CD or DVD is very easily damaged. One small scratch and it is unusable. On top of that, after a few more years, the disk will be obsolete.
There will be no devices to read them. Even if you are successful in transferring them to the new current type of storage device, you will have to
keep doing that every few years. And in most cases, that’s not going to happen. And even if you do have prints made when you receive your DVD, most people are
going to use the cheap consumer labs that do not use high quality, archival materials. You could wind up with a shoe box full of faded pictures after a few
years. The only way to ensure you have beautiful, high quality photographs that will last well past your lifetime is to have a professional, archival album
produced by your professional photographer. These top of the line albums can showcase your photographs with more creativity by the way its designed and laid out as
well as the colors and backgrounds used. But most of all, you will still have all your beautiful photographs to show your kids and grand kids. And they
will still look as good as the day they were produced. These albums are created to be heirlooms. They have gorgeous leather or crystal covers suitable for
coffee table books. Your friends and family will love looking through your coffee table book verses shuffling through a shoe box full of faded snapshots or
worse, not having anything to look through at all! The only way you are guaranteed to have your beautiful wedding photos to enjoy in the coming years is to have a professional, archival wedding album.