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    Welcome to our website! As Birmingham Alabama wedding photographers, Janet and I have been photographing weddings in central Alabama and around the southeast for many years. As a husband and wife team we are very lucky to have turned our passion for wedding photography in to a very successful and rewarding career! Take a look at our GALLERIES at the top of the page. Scroll down through the blog for our most recent work. We capture images that you will love to look at in 20 years just as much as you do now! Please 101,109,97,105,108liame us or give us a call. We would love to meet with you and discuss your wedding plans! We also photograph weddings in Auburn, Alabama as well as weddings in Alexander City, Alabama with no travel fee. Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter to keep up with specials and promotions. 205-602-0858

That Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie! Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Here are some fun and informative tips on taking that great engagement ring selfie!

#1 It’s all about lighting

You’re going to be bathed in a glow of engagement happiness – but for the perfect engagement ring selfie, you need to make sure you’re working with a well-lit space. If natural sunlight isn’t available, switch on the flash; save the dim vintage-style effect for something less sparkly!

#2 Nail it

Arguably your nails aren’t really going to be a top priority when you’ve just said been proposed to. But to guarantee picture-perfect hands, add a slick of moisturizer and, if you have nail clippers handy, give your nails a quick trim to add an extra sheen of perfection to your photo. Good nails = all eyes on the engagement ring; chipped, overgrown nails = @#$%&, dig out an emery board

#3 Decide on the backdrop

What will make up the background of your picture? The place where your partner proposed? Your favorite patterned jeans? The brick wall at the end of the garden? Embrace your inner photographer and consider the whole composition of the picture, starting from your hand in the middle and working outwards.

#4 Strike a pose!

Instead of the obligatory claw-hand ‘pose’ that we all seem to enlist when working a nail art selfie (you know what we’re talking about…), play around with angles and actions to see which positions are most flattering for your hands – and don’t forget props! We’re talking a cute mug, the latest issue of Wedding, your pet… Or maybe even your fiancé!

#5 Ready, set, share!

So you’ve taken the photo, Instagram’d it to your heart’s content and are now ready to share it online with your friends and family. But what will you write to match the image? Give it some thought; FYI, an ironic ‘He liked it so he put a ring on it’ is always a winner (as is this Fiancé t-shirt. We love you, Queen B). Hit ‘share’ and wait for the love to pour in.



Trinity Methodist Wedding, Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers

Jamie and Abram’s wedding was fantastic! The ceremony was held at Trinity United Methodist with the reception at the historic Woodrow Hall. Woodrow Hall had that great vintage atmosphere. Love doing pictures there! Janet and I have known Jamie for years through Alabama Dance Academy. She has always been great to work with! She and Abram make a great couple and we wish them many years of happiness!